The Big Move and Community Pot Luck

After 21 years we're moving. In the spirit of community involvement, we're asking for 100 plus good people to help us shift everything to the new location. Hand-by-hand, person-to-person, in a long line down the block.

For those who can help move items that's great. For those who can help care for thise moving items that's great too. We're going to have a pot luck afterward, but we'll also have a giant pot of chili.

It's going to be a giant self organizing system with the goal to get everything from one olace to the other, have lots of fun, eat, laugh, and enjoy one another. Nothing's going to be too hard. Activities for all.

Then we'll party.

By signing up for this list you are requesting information about our upcoming move and call out for Volunteers. We may also send out a note about our neighbours moving if they need help in the future. 
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